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The Hosts

Together, Dustin Lee & Ben Knight have over fifty years of real world drag racing experience.  Over that time they have not only gained the knowledge, but have also amassed over 50 championships & 100’s of race wins.  Red Hill Racing Podcast will discuss all things motorcycle drag racing...  Episodes will cover any of these topics: Race Recaps, Tips & Advice, Interviews (Racers, Promoters, Industry Business Owners), Opinions/Feelings, and much more.  In addition to our motorcycle drag racing focus, we will also have episodes that will be about anything and everything your favorite Hillbilly & Redneck racers can come up with!

Dustin Lee & Ben Knight

Ben Knight

Dustin Lee

In a six year span (2011-2017) Ben Knight captured 7 Championships and multiple top 10 finishes in the Nation.  Since then he has not chased points championships, but continues to race at a high level amongst Sportsman & Pro classes throughout the country.

In a seven year span (2015-2022) Dustin has captured an unthinkable 40 Championships across multiple series.  One of if not the greatest motorcycle bracket racer of all time, Dustin continues to win races & championships year after year.

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